Indigo Roxy

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  1. I must say having only just seen it that the indigo Roxy is wonderful..I wish they did bays in that colour but without the horsehair leather!
  2. Really, I haven't seen one at sounds gorgeous though. I must look on the website.
  3. I love the colour, but NOT the HAIR :smash:
  4. I saw that. Looked pretty nice until I realised it was hairy :tdown:
  5. Oh I have seen that one. I saw it last week in Edinburgh.....ooooo it's wierd. There was also a blue/black leopard print one too.
  6. gorgeous colour - would have to see in RL regarding the hair lol..
  7. I'm not lovin' the hair. Lovely colour though!
  8. I've seen it , it's rather disgusting . What are they thinking of.
  9. very strange
  10. I dreamt last night I got one!!!!!!!!does any one else have strange mulberry dreams?
  11. When I am lusting after a new Mulberry (or Chloe) they do come through in my dreams....think it's cause I have an obsessive nature (not that you'd guess!!!)
  12. That was a NIGHTMARE !!!:nuts: