Indigo Questions

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  1. I just started buying LV this year. So I would love to know more. :yes:
    • When was this beautiful color discontinued?
    • Anyone own the Indigo Porte Tresor International? Or....
    • Anyone own the Indigo Zippy Organizer
    • And I've read so many threads on Vernis line - how have any Indigo Wallet owners hold up for the past time you have owned it? Is it as high maintenance as some say it is?
    If you own both wallets (any lines - which in your opinion what is the better wallet and why?

    I'm leaning more towards trying to find a zippy organizer wallet. I wish this color isn't discontinued. It's so pretty :love:
  2. And is this an authentic Indigo Wallet?
  3. Indigo is gorgeous. I could have sworn I saw it available on Elux recently?
  4. I'm in Canada - we have no eluxury. Do you think I have a chance phoning the nearest LV which is 8 hours away. :crybaby:
    That I be able to buy an indigo wallet?
  5. Karman clarified this is Monogram Mat - Its still a pretty wallet. I have no idea how Monogram Mat is. How different is Monogram Mat to Vernis? That's another question I have. :smile:
  6. ^^^^ Yes, that my question too!!!???
  7. I've seen both Monogram Mat and Vernis IRL, and the Vernis line is much "glossier" than the Monogram Mat, which is more "matte". They're available in different colors, too. I've seen some Vernis handbags w/ vachetta handles, whereas the Monogram Mat handles are of the same material as the body, w/ a vachetta underside (say, the part of the strap that would touch your shoulders).

    I just purchased a Monogram Mat handbag in Noir, and I love it, although I haven't used it yet!
  8. Try to compare the glossiness:



    Look carefully, the Mat is more matte (hence the name) than Vernis. Vernis is MUCH MUCH glossier than in pics IRL.

    P.s. Pearl, THAT is a beautiful indigo French it.
  9. why would you discontinue a bag that people WANT to buy??
  10. I'm back with pictures...

    Bronze Vernis Houston


    Red Vernis billfold


    Monogram Mat Allston (in navy, I think)


    Do you see the diff between the "glossy" vernis and the "matte (but still with a sheen)" monogram mat?

  11. Well, that's what makes demand sky rocket!
  12. Heehee, Karman, you beat me to the punch!

    Dazlinpearl, that is a gorgeous monogram mat wallet! Are you going to get it?
  13. LOL I guess we were working on our posts at the same time!
  14. :yes: Do you own a piece in the monogram mat line?