Indigo or Rouge H?

  1. I am thinking of purchasing a Hermes bag, I think Bolide, in either Indigo or Rouge H. I wear black all the time with some dark browns, greys and navys.
    My accessories are simple and I just bought a raw ruby necklace with gold so I am thinking about Rouge H with gold hw. But, I also love the French style of wearing indigo with black and I have a Chanel trench in black with silver matte silver buttons so I'm thinking Indigo with palladium hw would be fun to wear with that if that's practical...I don't know.
    Any opinions?
  2. I LOVE Rouge H!!! And it would be perfect with your wardrobe.
  3. Rouge H.... Indigo is so dark it's almost black. Rouge H would go with black, browns, greys etc and provide that pop of color yet subtle
  4. Are you afraid of color?

    Well...I feel you should maybe punch up your wardrobe and life with a little rouge H. I say that because it is a color that works like an amazing neutral. It will go with your blacks, browns, will go with your ruby will go with that trench.

    How do you feel about rouge H? Can you see yourself grabbing for it?

    REQUEST!!!! Anyone that owns a rouge H bolide or indigo bolide please post pics for LH to see.

    My vote...rouge H..."IF" you feel you will really use it!!!
  5. I can't help it... I'm a rouge H fiend....:love: and I think that would be a beautiful colour with your wardrobe of blacks, browns, navys and greys....provides richness and depth without competing (especially with that new ruby necklace - YUMMMMMMMM!)
  6. Oh Greentea, archangel, Kellybag, Madame...this is too much fun!
    My trench has matte silver buttons...would gold hw be ok with Rouge H?
    Thanks everyone!
  7. shoes' previous indigo bolide and bluxcape's rouge h. i hope hope hope they don't mind my reposting them here.
    these are 2 of my favorite colors for the bolide. what leather - that could be a factor.
    and there are piles of bolide pics you know where, including these.
    indigo bolide 001.jpg shoes' indigo1.jpg bluxcape's 31 rouge h clemence.JPG
  8. an H belt with gh over a trench with silver buttons would be a problem (or would be funky - i'm just saying, it could work), but a purse, that's separate and it does not need to coordinate with the metal on your jewelry or clothes. also, unless you wear the trench every day, i wouldn't let that determine the bag you pick.
  9. I also vote for rouge H given the considerations above...
    I mix hardware (vintage black box Kelly with brass other choices back then...with stainless watch, platinum rings) and I used to worry about it but somehow I don't anymore...
    Gold HW with rouge H is lovely though.
  10. thanks HH...they are both gorgeous! I don't know what leather and I feel not too picky except I don't want slouchiness so I should avoid clemence.
  11. are absolutely correct! I never thought about the vintage Kellys having brass hw and back then women wore silver and platinum.
    Thanks for bringing that point up.
  12. Rouge H gets my vote !
  13. Thanks HL...Rouge H is sounding better and better to me.
  14. Oh gosh, they are both gorgeous!! While I'm partial to rouge H, you can't go wrong with either color.
  15. I have an indigo Bolide. Unfortunately, I don't own a digital camera so can't post pictures (getting a digital camera and learning to use it are part of my New Year's Resolutions), but the pics posted by HH are good. Yes, indigo is a very dark blue but I adore it and have no hesitation about wearing it with black. I also have a red Bolide 1923--but it is vermillion, not the rouge H--so I can't make a direct color comparison for you. I think you will be thrilled with either one. On the other hand, why not just go for both . . .