indigo on elux

  1. Nope, only the picture is Indigo. For sale is the Perle! Sorry to burst your bubble!
  2. I think they only have perle available...they are just showing the indigo pic.
  3. Lol yeah..they had the fuchsia bedford pictured for quite awhile before they finally changed it. And even now on some of the closeup shots they offer, they have the baby blue color pictured.
  4. it shows indigo and perle as a choice for me? :shrugs:
  5. Hmm. I'm going to guess someone had it in their cart. The perle was the only choice a bit ago.
  6. is there still pp looking for indigo vernis??
  7. Probably :smile:
  8. wow, whoever got that indigo can probably make some profit considering it's brand new, what a lucky person.....when can i find what i want on elux??
  9. Yup, it's available...nice..!
  10. Sadly they don't have anything else available in the Indigo on elux :sad: I rushed over there when I read the topic, but not what I'm looking for.
  11. Yep, does for me too. :yes:
  12. Ooo la la. Too bad I don't like that style. Man, I so :heart: indigo!
  13. The indigo is a beautiful color. Is it discontinued now?
  14. That bag come/goes on Eluxury. I wonder if there is something wrong with it as it has been on there for almost one year.