indigo, framboise.. or hold out till amarante?


which vernis agenda should I get?


  2. pretty in framboise!

  3. Hold out for amarante! You've already spent so much this month!!

  4. neither! I have a different suggestion instead..

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  1. For an agenda?

    I do have the mini agenda with refills so if I wait for amarante its no problem butttttttt... do I want to? Or do I want to go for indigo or framboise?

    I have:
    Pomme ludlow :heart: :heart: :heart:
    groom cles
    azur mini pochette
    myrtile epi mini agenda
    I think though since I want something else as well, I'd get that in framboise and go for either indigo or amarante.. but what?! TIA! :heart:

    And I'm still looking for a cles, flat pouch, and obviously the agenda
    so what would you choose for that as well?
  2. Amarante's pix are very promising, if you are not in a hurry, i'd say wait til it comes out and give your piggy bank a recovery period :devil: to prepare for some Amarante Damage hehe.
  3. My vote is for Amarante !!!! :heart:
  4. I love the Framboise color!
  5. Indigo...You may never have the change to get this colour again :smile:
  6. OH! and might I add, I'm still looking to add another cles, flat pouch and agenda, so if that helps at all with your suggestions!
  7. Are there any pics of Amarante? I haven't seen this color. I think the Indigo is breathtaking.
  8. Yikes.. thats true!
  9. Can someone please post pics of the indigo and amarante colours for comparision? When is the amarante colour out? If the amarante is prettier I say wait for it...
  10. Since you already have the myrtile agenda, I'd get a different color like framboise, or wait for amarante.
  11. I say wait for amarante, next choice would be indigo ;)
  12. TOTALLY wait for Amarante!!!! I can't WAIT to see it!!!! I am hoping it is more of a black cherry color than a purple-ish!
  13. Pomme!
  14. Pomme, I just got my pomme ludlow and have th fambroise agenda. I love the pomme color......
  15. ^^ See I got the pomme ludlow, and will get a pomme envelope pouch or heart, so I don't want to overload on pomme because I do want to get other vernis colors like the indigo, amarante and framboise.