Indigo First!!!

  1. That's a beautiful, beautiful bag! Good luck to the seller.
  2. wow, it's beautiful...i think this is judy's bag :shrugs: Swissflower was looking for one of these...:yes:
  3. Yes it's mines! It's so stunning in real life. I'd love for a PFer to have it. Keep it all in the family! :graucho: :lol:
  4. it's such a deep beautiful color!!! sadly my bf and i are looking into buying an apartment (gulp!) so i don't have the funds for it...but i did pm Swissflower earlier...
  5. Oh WOW it's GONE!!!! Congrats jdy (and whoever bought this bag!), it's gorgeous!!!!
  6. That was fast! Congrats on the sale jdy! Shame you had to sell it though... Are you planning on getting a new bag to fill in the void?:graucho:
  7. Yes! It went to a super duper sweet PFer!!!! I'm so happy!

    percephonie- Of course! I already had two things that I was dying to have which ushered the process along a bit faster. The rest of the money is going into saving to buy that perfect bag as soon as it pops up!!
  8. Paging my winner!!! Where did you go? I hope everything is okay. I sent you a few messages through eBay, PM me if you see this!!!
  9. :hrmm: ^^Check out the bid retractions and number of Balenciaga bags your winner bought this month. It looks a little sketchy!:shocked:
  10. :wtf: :Push: She was being really responsive at first and bought from quite a few other members here. I hope she comes though. My normal eBay policy is 24hrs, so I'm not sure what to do :shrugs:
  11. Just be careful, the excessive bid retractions are a huge red flag!!! They clearly show she doesn't take bidding seriously. And she already has a negative feedback, even though she's new to ebay. And the number of big purchases is kind of strange. IMO.:sneaky: :weird:
  12. Aw jdy, I hope it works out. :sad: It's a gorgeous bag!!
  13. Thanks Violets & TTucker, I just found my dream baby so I need the money asap so I hope it turns out too!
  14. Oh hope it goes through o.k! Oooh what dream bag did you find?