Indigo City up on eBay

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  1. I know that a bunch of you were in love with my Indigo City bag; there is one up on eBay that's authentic:

    nevermind - fake bag

    Good luck!

    BTW ... this is from the 2005 Pre-Spring season (OLD leather!!!!). These bags are becoming as hard as hen's teeth to get nowadays!
  2. WOW .... what a gorgeous bag !! Thank you for letting us know ;) ! It will be sold very fast :love:

    take a look at the pic of the side of the bag - the bales are square!
  4. SO SORRY folks ... I concur with Amanda (this is what I get for being on a computer a Kinko's with a lousy screen).

    Again, my apologies ...
  5. it's ok ceejay! i thought it was real when i first saw it, too!
  6. closing the thread and editing the eBay link
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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