Indigo City right now...or save up for a Work?


Buy an Indigo City now or save up for a Work?

  1. Indigo City

  2. New 07 Work

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I currently own box, clutch & purse styles. So, what do you think? Is Indigo too precious to miss out on?
  2. My vote is for the Indigo City NOW :nuts: But then again I am a sucker for blues! My fav color!
  3. My vote goes with a new work - only because it is such a versatile size:smile:
  4. Don't pass up that lovely Indigo! You can always get a Work later on...
  5. indigo for sure.
  6. I will go for work 07......:dothewave:
  7. i had an indigo city and i thought i was crazy for selling the bag for something else.
    but..... honestly for now, i prefer something bigger at least a work than a city :yahoo:
  8. Indigo City Now. You don't have a City yet and it sounds like you love Indigo!
    The City is one of the most favourite sizes for a lot of people!
    Can you get one and try it and return it if it doesn't work out?
  9. Go for indigo...........get the work later. Indigo doesn't pop up that often.
  10. Indigo still can have a Work later ;)
  11. I agree with most of you : INDIGO city ! KDC 'K' - it depends on what size you prefer, do you want a big bag ? Did you already tried it ? If yes - I'd go for a work then! But how other ladies already said: a '07 work you can get every time !
  12. I vote indigo city since you don't have a city and this color is hard to find.

    But...if you really need a bigger bag, go for the work.
  13. J just got a basically new indigo city last week and the color is TDF...I'd get that unless you just are really opposed to the city style...
  14. I say go for the indigo :love: it!! And you can always get the Work later. Its an excuse for another bag:dothewave: (like we need one:p )
  15. Yea!!! :yahoo: You got the Indigo Twiggy!! Congrats!!