Indigo City on eBay!

  1. wow! i hope someone picks this one up soon!!! its just beautiful.
  2. Ahhhh I want this bag!!!
  3. I just saw it on ebay!!:nuts: :nuts: Someone get it quickly!!!
  4. Must...resist temptation...!:girlsigh:
  5. ha ha ha... u're so funny percephonie....
  6. If only it was a work...I would so jump on it...sigh!
  7. Squoosh factor? 100%!
  8. percephonie, if it was a work... i wouldn't ever sell it in a million years!!! ha ha ha (or at least until i fall in love with something else)
  9. hehehe, that's funny! I think we should all include a "squoosh factor" rating when listing bags, lol!:lol:
  10. I don't blame you! Who would? LOL:P
  11. ha ha ha.... :P
  12. Someone kill me now. I've been looking for an indigo FOREVER and now that I have no money since I just paid for a vacation and fall tuition they are popping up all over the place.
  13. that's such a gorgeous color, good luck, seahorseinstripes!
  14. That's really pretty!! Good luck with the sale seahorseinstripes!!