indigo (?) city on ebay with reasonable BIN

  1. Ummm.........I could be wrong but the R in Paris looks wrong. Also, could be the angle, the bales look square. Any thoughts ladies?
  2. I think someone posted this auction in the Authenticate thread and someone said it was fake.
  3. It's a fake!!! Look at the bales in the 4th pic! Totally misshapened!
  4. ah crap, i didn't really look to see if it was fake or not. lemme take a look, if it is, i'll delete this thread.
  5. yep, y'all are right, it's fake. i just looked momentarily. sorry! i'll edit my first post so everyone knows not to buy this one!
  6. Damn, fakes are getting good.
  7. dude, i know, the leather looked great, that's why i didn't scrutinize the bag.
  8. Yeah, the fakes are getting really good!!! Scary.
  9. Yup, it's a pretty good fake, and the pics were taken in such a way as to obscure the shoulder strap bales! Honest mistake, especially since you were just trying to be sooo kind to report a great buy quickly to your fellow tpf'ers! I didn't mean to take your head off - I just wanted to type quickly before someone BIN!!
  10. oh no hun, i didn't think you were being harsh at all, it was my mistake! lol and i definately want to be told, and quickly, if i make a mistake like that.
  11. too bad--it looked really good!
  12. goshdarnit. It's one of those bluefly bags....
  13. I wonder if the seller knows?
  14. if it's a bluefly bag, then i doubt it, unfortunately.