indigo city from PFer $899 BIN

  1. accccckkkkk gorgeous!!!!:heart:
  2. holy f-ing :censor: ! GORGEOUS! I love Love LOVE summer sales!

  3. What a deal for a rare bag!! someone grab this baby!!
  4. OMG! That is a steal!!!
  5. OMG I can't believe that gorgeous rare indigo city is still up for grabs!
  6. although it's been said several times before...


    Someone hit bin before I decide to!
  7. I have that auction window opened on my computer for the past couple of hours and just keep going back to it...over and over.....oh what to do what to do....such a STUNNING color!
  8. ^^ I'll tell you what to do... get it!!!! :wlae:
  9. Gorgeous Bag!!! lovely color to boot!:nuts:
  10. thanks you ladies... i'm broke, so please someone buy it from me LOL
  11. 3 times : OMG, OMG, OMG :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: !!!! WOW what a GORGEOUS bag .... ohh seahorse - GOOD LUCK with this beautiful sale (too bad I bought 3 bags in a week :crybaby: ).
  12. OMG!! I want it but just bought a bag so have no funds...NOOOo:huh:!
  14. percephonie, don't worry! your new DOLMA GREEN is gorgeous too! ;)
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