indigo city and teal twiggy from a great seller!

  1. :drool:
  2. That teal twiggy is a beautiful color!!! The indigo city is amazing!!!! Someone get it!!!!
  3. Oh my god they're beautiful!!
  4. that teal twiggy..such a great deal!
  5. I know, the Indigo City is TDF and DROOL WORTHY:drool::drool::drool:~~~!!!
  6. Did anyone here get that gorgeous twiggy?
  7. both gone!!

    absolutely stunning balenciagas!!! I have a hunger now for that teal.... yummy!
  8. Me too!! That Teal is an amazing color. All of the Bbag colors are amazing!!! I just want one of everything!!!!:shame:
  9. both are gorgeous
  10. Did anyone here get the Indigo?
  11. ^ i was interested in the indigo but seller decided not to let the indigo go as she still loves it..