Indigo Blue vernis Cles

  1. Hi everyone, I saw that there are a few Indigo vernis peices left online (UK) but no cles's. Does anyone know if they will still have any left in store. I know its discontinuted but what do you think my luck would be on finding one ?. My SA is fairly new so I dont really know what to say to him if he says "its discontinued"...should I explain that there are some indigo vernis items left online ?. Thanks for any advice. ;)
  2. Best thing is to call 1866 Vuitton or your local store and see if they can locate one for you.
  3. oooh. how pretty! good luckin finding one!!!
    im looking for some peppermint..
  4. I know 866 found me some back in October ... not sure if they're still around, the indigo cles is TDF!!
  5. The indigo is lovely! Get it if you can!