Indigo B Bags..

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  1. Can anyone out there share their pics of ant B Bgas in this color (Indigo)?? Or point me in the direction of where they might already be posted? I tried going through all the pages of "Post pics of your B Bags here" thread but there are just SO many pages. I'll never get through all of them!:sweatdrop:

    I appreciate your help! I am very, very new to Balenciaga. I am contemplating my very first purchase.:yahoo:

    Thank you
  2. Hi, when you go to the reference thread, look at the blues...there are some gorgeous blues out there... I love this season's Electric Blue... anyway below is my Indigo city w/my BG Pink city... good luck!

  3. Thank you both so much!! Off to view the "blues"!!
  4. Bethc- Gorgeous bags btw!! To die for- Thank you for posting.
  5. :ty:
  6. gorgeous! i love that blue =)
  7. I'd go into the "blue family," "blue club," and "pictures wearing your Bbags" threads, and do a search in each of those threads for "indigo." I'm sure you'll find lots of pictures! Good luck! Indigo is a gorgeous color!!

    here are just a few I found:
    tooshie's Indigo Work:
    decophile's Indigo Work:
    percephonie's Indigo First:
  8. here are a couple of shots of my indigo