Indiego Blue Vernis.......

  1. Hiya
    I REALLY Like the Indiego Blue Vernis colour.:crybaby:
    And recently i have been looking for a wallet or a cles of some sort in Vernis,
    This is my last try at trying to find something in Indiego blue before i give up and buy a Trunks&Bags Coin purse.
    I just couldnt buy the purse knowing maybe i could have got something in the indiego...
    So does anyone know any boutique that still has any Indiego blue wallets? or even a cles..?
    I'm not expecting much because i know that the colour is discontinued but it's worth a try right?
    So if anyone has seen one please could you PM me or post here...?
  2. call 866, last I checked there were a few agendas and I think a few ludlows, but this was a month or two ago!
  3. Good luck with the search! I'm sure there's an Indigo Ludlow out there waiting with your name on it. ;)

  4. :huh:h, I wonder if they still have the Agendas! I'd SOOO LOVE TO OWN ONE! :drool:
  5. I believe there are some agendas left. No more cles'. I was searching for one and never located it so I got a ludlow. good luck
  6. elux do have Indiego Vertical Stillwood, but not a functional piece IMO :shrugs: