Indie Polish QC/CS issues

  1. What about filing a paypal or cc claim for defective product?
  2. Thanks Princess!! Pp let me open a dispute even over 45 days but not sure how its going to turn out. My pp is linked to my checking account so if there's a dispute, they'll freeze my account until its resolved so I won't be filing with the bank then.
  3. Hey Girl... I am usually on top of my game in the shop! I dont specifically recall this incident, but I get 15-20 messages a day in my shop, so things get hard to keep track of! I am more than happy to fix any issues you have if they have not been resolved already. what is your etsy user name so I can check up on this
  4. it was taken care off .
  5. Felt I should share this status update from Lacquistry - Jenna deserves huge props for what she's doing.

  6. That is admirable indeed. Props to her. :tup:
  7. :woohoo:
  8. Oh wow. That is amazing CS. I have kind of stopped indie chasing but she'll definitely be on my list to buy from later.
  9. I got some Lacquistry not thru her directly because she's still working on her custom orders but the ones I got I loooove :smile: She messaged me that once the custom orders are done that she will have time to focus on her collection or items which people can purchase. :smile:
  10. ITA. I only have a few indie sellers that i buy from, but she was on my wish list. I've never ordered from her before but now i know that i can buy with confidence. She gets serious props from me for doing this.
  11. That is really amazing of her, way to be!
  12. ITA! That is EXACTLY the way an indie should handle these kinds of things. I've never purchased from Jenna before, but this makes me really want to buy from and support her. It's a headache now, but in the long run, this is really good for her business. Besides that, it shows integrity. :tup:

    On a similar note, check out this blog post from CrowsToes:

    "in the last couple days i found out that little miss morticia has recently run out of my shop without her proper clothes on. please accept my sincere apologies if you have purchased a more purple/magenta version., it seems as though i got a little *glitter happy* in that batch. i really try to keep these batches consistent., totally TOTALLY my fault. *smacks self in head*

    with that said and my sincerest apologies made -

    both kim at and leah anne llarowe are aware of this issue with morticias' clothes and will be provided with replacement bottles that are the correct mix when requested.
    so., please., if you have the magenta/purple version and you are not happy with it, please contact who you purchased it from and it will be replaced.

    if you purchased from llarowe please contact llarowe for a replacement & if you purchased yours from overallbeauty contact them and they'll be happy to get a new one to you. they will not be replacing each others bottles., they will only be replacing the morticias they have sold.

    please do not feel like you can't send them an email and have the situation corrected., i don't do drama., never have., never will., i do whats right. period. you guys know that., thats' how i was brought up and i have absolutely no intention of changing now. :smile:

    once again guys., you are the best, thanks so much :heart:


    That's the way to handle it! Jenna and Lauri both rock it in the CS and taking responsibility for mistakes department! :ps:
  13. WOW, I am so impressed by these two indie creators. That is some seriously decent customer service right there. Kudos to both of them :woohoo:
  14. Well done, Lauri! Happy to own a full collection of her polishes - I lucked out with a red Morticia. :smile:

  15. I got a more purple/magenta one, but I love it anyway! So I'm gonna keep it and just order the red one next time she restocks. But good for her for doing the right thing! It's so refreshing to see that after some of the recent drama. :woohoo: