Indie Polish Exchange - ROUND 6


Jan 12, 2012
Minnesota, USA
Important notes:
You must have a minimum post count of (200) to play, indie brands only, & US only.
please read all instructions before signing up​

How this works:
1. Sign up to be added to the list of participants
2. Wait your turn to receive the box full of polish
3. Make your selections
4. Replace the empty spots with different bottles of indie polish from your own collection
5. Mail the box on to the next person in line
6. Share pictures of what polish you added to your collection!

- You must replace each polish that you take with one of your polishes (1:1). There is no cap on the number you can take, but please keep variety in mind when replacing polishes (example: don’t take 10 different brands out and put in 10 bottles from the same brand.)
3 minis will count as 1 full sized polish (minis = bottles 9ml or smaller) as long as the box does not become overwhelmed with minis.

- Polishes must be 75% full or more

- Decants are allowed. Decanting into a mini and adding it to the box is allowed, as is decanting some of a polish into a mini and donating the rest of the full polish, just not both at the same time. Please label the decant with the brand name and polish name.

- Number of same polishes allowed in the box at one time is 2 of each size (2 full and 2 mini) for 4 total. This is so people who prefer minis or full sized polishes can have equal opportunity at having a polish in their preferred size. Please let the organizer know if the variety or quality is running low. If any bottles leak or arrive damaged, please remove from box & dispose.

- Please only swap out polishes that you plan to use. Friends that aren't participating shouldn't be taking or adding to the box, and do not feel obligated if anyone requests you remove polishes for them. Please notify organizer immediately if at any time you feel uncomfortable with discussions going on in the thread, box quality, or other communication.

- There will be stickers in the box; please put your tPF username on a sticker and put it on the polishes that you add to the box. You may have to secure the sticker with tape so they don't fall off during the round. This is so people can thank the members who donated their polishes! If we run out of stickers during the Round, feel free to replace or make some out of paper and tape.

- Shipping is in a medium flat rate box so that the shipping price is the same for everyone. Boxes are free from the post office, so please replace box if it starts looking grungy. Please re-ship within 3-4 days so the box moves along in a timely manner, and send the tracking number to the next person in line & to me/kristinized. Pricing is $12.35 at the post office or $11.30 online.

- Please inform the organizer if the box is getting close to your name and you anticipate being away for a trip or vacation so we can rearrange the mailing schedule. If you know you’ll be unavailable in September or October/etc, please include that information in your sign up so you aren’t scheduled at the beginning of the rotation.

- MUST MUST MUST post pictures of the polishes that you choose, along with the names of the polishes & name of the tPfer who donated. This is one of the main points of the exchange thread so that it keeps us all excited to see the box move along. Please do not just post pics with no info.

- Please add in only polishes that you would want to receive yourself. I think this goes without saying but please no old, goopy, yucky, damaged, etc. polishes added.
- Also, although this exchange is not brand for brand, be aware of what you are taking out vs. putting in and try to be fair.
- If you swatch a polish make sure that the bottle neck is clean and fully closed when you finish.
- If you have a question on whether a certain brand is considered indie, please post to the thread. We don’t consider Julep as indie, but do Cult Nails. Generally any polish made by hand or by an independent/small business – brands like Jindie, Lynnderella, Enchanted, Darling Diva, Elevation, Hare, + many others.

I'm doing sign ups a little differently this round -- just post below that you would like to sign up. No need to pm me with your state or other info. Sign ups will only be open between August 30 - September 13.

I will collect players and create a mailing list -- you will mail the box on to the next person in line. As the box moves down the list, message your address to the person in front of you so they know where to mail the box next.

Stay in contact -- if we cannot reach you (either via PM or message in the thread) within 3 business days we will move on to the next person on the mailing list. If you miss your spot, you can be added to the end of the round, but we want to keep this exchange moving.

Shipping list will be posted on September 14th with box mailing out Monday, September 15th.

Remember, 200 posts minimum to participate and US only!


Aug 12, 2012
I am in, yeah!! Can't wait, this one has to be where I see the most unique polishes be it that i like them or not, always fun to look through though! Saved up some more pretties for this!! Kristinized, I can't wait to see your picks!


Apr 13, 2012
la isla larga
I'd love to participate again, but I'm going to be out of the country from September 23-October 4th. If we can work around that, I'm in, but if it would be too difficult I can sit out and observe this round. :smile:


Aug 12, 2012
I'd love to participate again, but I'm going to be out of the country from September 23-October 4th. If we can work around that, I'm in, but if it would be too difficult I can sit out and observe this round. :smile:
Maybe she can make you 1st?


Aug 12, 2011
Florida, USA
I'm sending out messages to everyone who participated in the last thread - hope I don't miss anyone!
You're so nice to do that. :smile:

I'm gonna sit out this round, I have too many untrieds to get through before I know what I might be willing to trade away. So maybe next round. I will definitely be here watching.