Indie Polish Exchange - ROUND 2 REVEAL!

  1. Sooo.....I was so excited to get the box, I went through it immediately upon opening.

    Here's what I chose.....

    I chose
    Hare polish Dog Day Dream from Semirose
    Hare polish RadCloud from Danilouwho
    Harlow & Co Jaws from Semirose
    Cult Nails In A Trance from WhitneyG

    I'm so excited, these are my first Hares and my first Harlow & Co. And another Cult to add to my collection :biggrin:
  2. Awesome picks!! Yay!!

  3. Nice! Love the Hare polishes!
  4. woohoo! awesome Hare picks! I have those two and love them!
  5. Great picks! What does the H&C Jaws look like? Is it a holo, duo? It looks awesome!! :biggrin:
  6. Send it out to kristinized! And then we switch boxes :yahoo:
  7. Lovely picks!! Love Rad Cloud!
    And how exciting it's time to switch boxes! :yahoo:
  8. yay can't wait for the box to switch!
  9. Yay for switching boxes! I will be out of town 3/16-4/2. If that's an issue, I can sit out.
  10. Excited to switch over here, as well!!!
  11. Looking at where you are on the list, it should be fine :biggrin: But if it gets closer to those dates and looks like there's going to be a conflict, let me know and we'll shift you down on the list so you can still participate.
  12. Great news! Thank you.
  13. Its a metallic with tiny clear flakies in it! Its so pretty! I've never even checked out her polishes, I normally just go to her site to look longingly at the ninjas... :lol:
  14. I got the box! Things are pretty hectic around here though because my mom just had foot surgery and work is being a bear, but I should be ready to mail Monday if that works.

    Both boxes have lots of goodies to look forward to, and I hope everyone had fun!
  15. Are we going to reverse the order of the rotation or is it going to stay the same? :graucho::graucho:
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