Indie Polish Exchange REVEAL Thread

  1. Great choices kristinized.
    I'm so excited the box started its journey. I'm looking forward to all the reveals.
  2. Oohhh Kristin great picks! I have funhouse and I swatched It over finger paints circus peanuts and it looked awesome!
  3. I can't decide which to wear first!
  4. I vote for FunHouse!
  5. I second this!
  6. Funhouse it will be then!
  7. Yay! Can't wait to see pics!
  8. Yay!!! This is my first exchange! Cant wait to see all the reveals. Thanks for letting me be a part of this ladies!
  9. This looks awesome!! Love that you put it over white. What white did you use?(or is it a light grey?-is it shimmer that makes me think that?) I love it.
    I'm sending the box back so you can put it back in and send it back to me!!:lolots: j/k

    Can't wait to see what is in there!!
  10. Awesome picks! I love Jawbreaker.
  11. Aaah so festive! Makes me want to go to a little party.
  12. Oh that's so pretty!
  13. Gorgeous!!
  14. LOL!

    I used a plain white, the Wet n Wild one since it was handy.