Indie polish box final pics and picks REVEAL thread

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  1. box has been disbanded but please post your pictures of the polishes you were able to get from the box as contributing members to it. Know that the remainder have been disbursed to both the Mixed Polish Exchange hosted by VTFroggie(and should be open for sign-ups soon), and the Beauty exchange hosted by Unluckystars(she has a round in progress). I hope some of these lovely polishes can continue to delight you as they certainly have me in my many rounds through.

    I am truly sorry that I was unable to reserect the polish box. With the declining interest it just became impossible to get another reasonable round going. I hope looking over these final pictures of the generosity of others in previous rounds can be felt.

    I will post mine soon, I took 4 as well as capping others at 5 plus mini's. Keep in mind it still led to healthy donations of almost 20 polishes each to both the Beauty and Mixed polish boxes as well. Thanks alot for playing and your participation. Perhaps in time another Indie box will come about...
  2. I want to thank Tgirl25 for the effort she put into the box. She worked hard to organize the box, diversify the contents, and generate interest. So sorry it didn't work out.

    I received my selections from the box today! I received 4 great full size and 3 minis

    View attachment 3348259

    Lacquer Lust Unicorn in Love, thanks Devik

    Pretty and Polished Valentino, thanks Thithi

    Hare Polish Dog Day Dream, thanks Tgirl25

    Utopia Polish End of the Road, thanks Tgirl25

    RBL Moxie, thanks Kailuagal!

    Mod Lacquer Puesta del Sol, thanks Tgirl25

    Cult Nails Happy Ending thanks Kailuagal.

    I truly enjoyed participating in several rounds of the indie box. Looking forward to seeing everyone else's selections. Hope to see everyone on the forums!
  3. Let me try the attachment again 1462489767461.jpg
  4. Don't know why it didn't post at first then posted twice
  5. Great picks! You chose a nice variety and it's great to see them go to a happy home. And Happy Endings.....
  6. Great picks ArtieMD, glad you were able to get some amazing polshes!

    Here are my picks, left to right:
    A Positive, this was a donation by me I had a hard time parting with so when it was not immediately picked, I picked it.
    Enchanted Autumn, this was another I donated that I had a super hard time parting with so when no one picked it at all, I repicked it. I have nothing like it and was glad to have it back.
    Nail Junkie Banana, gearing up for summer with this beauty. Thanks so much for contributing it Ocean_o_curls
    Jindie Nails Candyland, again getting ready for the summer months that are slowly creeping in. Loving the Neon almost see through glitters. Thank you again Ocean_o_curls

    Can't wait to see the others pics. I think there are 3 more... Then the rest will be seen from the Mixed polish and Beauty boxes as they trickle through those. thanks agian to everyone and I do hope there is a revival at some point
  7. Love your choices! I definitely know how it is to trade a polish then want it back?
  8. Mine came today:

    Hare Polish 'Trust No One, Suspect Everyone'
    Dashing Diva "Peresephone'


    Thanks to tgirl25 for the polishes, and for all the work she put into the box, and doing this for us. Here's my pinterest board if anyone is interested and still has indies for swaps, PM me. :smile:
  9. LOVE that Hare Polish. Such an awesome green!!

    And I'll check out your Pinterest!
  10. I received mine on Friday and here they are :


    Cult Nails New Day - thanks kailuagal
    Cult Nails Baker - thanks Tgirl25
    Black Cat Lacquer Came Back Haunted - thanks Tgirl25

    Chick Polish Wicked - thanks ArtieMD
    Chick Polish Biker Chick - thanks kailuagal
  11. [​IMG]

    And the swatches! I totally love the shimmer in Baker. And I am excited to have gotten these

    An I'd like to thank Tgirl25 too. Thank you for keeping it alive as long as possible for so many to enjoy all the pretties!
  12. Love your choices! I'll check out your board!
  13. Great polishes!
  14. So glad you were able to get a couple of wants. Enjoy, those are pretty. Peresephone is a fav of mine. Really cool look on the nail

    Great picks Texan, those are all great colors. The swatches show just how beautiful they are. Thanks for sharing that! Enjoy them

    Update, we only have 1 more person yet to share before we close this down. Excited to see what she thinks and honestly I forgot what she got. Looking forward....