indie/franken nail polish sources!

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  1. I should be getting Dollish Polish's Toxic Avenger and I am the Ghost with the Most Babe this week!
  2. ^^Cant wait to see!
  3. Nice choices. I've got the toxic avenger mini and I'm thinking I should order the larger sized one plus some other goodies.
  4. ^^Lu, your pic made me order that!
  5. YAY! I can't wait to see it on your nails. I'm rocking a short nail right now but I bet this color would look even better on longer nails like yours.
  6. I just got my Dollish Polish order, and they're even better in person than in pics. I'm really pleased with them.
  7. Which ones did you get GGA?
  8. one of my nails broke today, so now I might just cut the rest. It was my thumb, so I might be able to hide it though.
  9. I just checked my mail and my Dollish polishes were there!! OMG they really are more amazing in person. Im glad I got the large bottles =)
  10. All of them.
  11. Cool! Cant wait for mine!
  12. LOL I wish I could say that. I instead got all the Elixir lacquers and set some money aside for some lynnderellas (I still don't have any in my collection) I need me some chocolotta love
  13. This is exciting! Hit us with some pics ladies! :jrs:
  14. ^^:tup::useless: well, not useless....but I need pics!!
  15. :lol: I just laughed when I read this; matter of fact and straight to the point!!!!

    I've been looking at those polishes for 1-2 months now.
    I need to get some soon. I have my list all set. Hoping you guys post your swatches so I can see if I should take any off or add different ones!!:p
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.