Indie / Etsy / Making bags board?

  1. I'm not sure where it would go, or how much interest there is other than myself and I'm sure SOME others, but I'd love a board like this.

    Personally, I stopped coming around here because I stopped buying these bags and it would have been unhealthy for me to be around you guys (LOL I mean it in a very nice way!). I have an addiction, but I didn't have the money for it since I am now putting the money toward starting my own business for making my own bags. I'm very happy with the investment decision! It's worth it to be (besides I have my Chloes and Stam! I'm satisfied.)

    It'd be really fun to visit here with a board devoted to this. I'd come back often and it'd be nice for others with less cash, too. Plus many of us might find it fun to drop in, mayhaps!

    For those who are interested in making bags perhaps some can offer help, too.

    Just what I wish for! Thanks.
  2. We can def look into this :yes:

    Vlad and I have talked about it before... it could help indie designers showcase their goods