Indie Designer Seeking Advice

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  1. Hello fellow purse enthusiasts! I am wondering what you think the best way is to get my bags 'out there' into the hands of handbag lovers everywhere? Would you look at a new website? A blog? eBay?? I work primarily with lambskin - beautiful colors - small to large bags -pockets inside and out - totally personalized inlay designs. Your comments and advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Gayle

  2. I would not suggest eBay. I would suggest a website. Have someone make you a simple, yet catchy and sophisticated website to introduce your items. Most importantly, show and share with TPF! :p
  3. is great for selling. Good luck! :tup:
  4. Exactly what I would say! Good Luck!
  5. I agree that using ebay would not be wise. There's so much junk out there and you probably wouldn't get the best exposure. I would say your own website and perhaps maybe try to put them on some other websites, perhaps boutiques in your area or something. But definately share it with us too!! Good Luck!!:tup:
  6. Concur with others....ebay isn't the best forum for introducing something new - and for the most part - it's so price driven.
    Great advice given - to establish your own website (that's where people go when they "hear" of your product and want to check it out) and get boutiques in your area to show your goods.
    Good luck - and yes - share with us......that will get things rolling!
    Best wishes to you:yes:
  7. Definitely get a website and let PFers know- I always like to buy handmade things from new designers.
  8. I second everything said already: get your own website, check out Etsy, and definitely let us here at tpf know. I really want to see your bags.
  9. Great advice! Thanks so much. I checked out Etsy and I do think that would be a good place to start.

    please re-read our rules before posting. Thanks
  10. ArtBug, I agree completely with the posters who suggested Etsy. Good luck!
  11. There probably isn't a big selection of boutiques in Fairbanks. You may have better luck in Anchorage or better yet Seattle. Also during the summer where any of the cruise ships stop for the day may be good. My sister likes to shop in Sitka. By the way, she's a flight attendant with Alaska Airlines, get a great bag into the hands of a flight attendant and you'll be pretty much set - they definitely know how to spread the word!
    I'd love to find your bags when you're up and running and Etsy or whatever. Best of luck.
  12. to to a great showroom in LA, NY, Dallas, Chicago, etc. You only pay them a commission on what they sell, and if they sell a lot, you are happy to pay them. do it, it works!!!!
  13. I would suggest getting your own website, it would enable you to create your own universe and eliminate all competition effectively. Also you'll be able to cultivate a certain image and regulate the accossiations to your designs more closely.
  14. Everybody thanks for the advice (Friponne you are a wise woman). I have been selling a lot of my bags on EBAY and getting rubbish prices for them. I have now registered with ETSY and will be selling on there as soon as I have some pictures to upload. Anybody know of any down side with ETSY? Maybe I will start a new thread. Maybe we should all get on there LV, Hermes,Gucci look out you will have some competition from TPFers very soon I reckon.