IndiaRobyn's collection

Chanel PST
This is my latest bag and i have to say the most timeless classic i own, after years of dreaming about a Chanel, i was lucky enough to have one purchased for me by my father in September 2010 - This bag was $1700 and i love it ! - It fit's everything i need in it like my (chunky) wallet,I-phone,Brush and make-up bag :smile: - I have also attached a little picture of my Chanel Brooch that i purchased in London for a little xmas treat :biggrin:

LongChamp Le Pliage (limited edition)
This bag has a little story, I actually first seen it this year on my birthday weekend in Paris, I spent a lovely weekend with my boyfriend (Romantic), but for some reason i didn't purchase this bag probably because i was so busy looking and the Eiffel tower. However, I ended up buying it when i got home as a little reminder of my trip. The price of this bag was £75.00 and it's probably one of my more casual bag's but it actually fit's anything in it !

Gucci Hobo
I remember the day when i walked into the Gucci boutique thinking i wouldn't find anything (Previously i wasn't a fan) until i seen this Gucci hobo with pink detail, I was so in love with this bag when i got it and it was my pride and joy, I still love it as much now because it's a really good bag and has served me well for the 2 years i have owned it.- I think this was $750.00