Indian River/Vero Beach

  1. I'm in Vero Beach Florida and there isn't coach ANYWHERE. The only place ive found it is at Dillards. I was wondering if anywhere knew where the nearest coach store or outlets are? I'm guessing probably Orlando.

    I'm from Atlanta suburbs and it is SO strange to not see Coach everywhere!
  2. im in okeechobee so there is NO coach anywhere! the closest place ive seen is jensen beach at the treasure coast mall.
  3. Thanks :yes:
  4. I'm from Vero originally but don't live there anymore. The closest place to buy Coach would be in West Palm Beach at the Gardens Mall or on Worth Avenue. They might have built one in the Jensen Beach mall, so check there. West Palm and Jensen are closer than Orlando, but there is the outlet in Orlando that I used to buy bags from. It was a pretty good outlet. Hope that helps!