Indian (or desi) girls--makeup lines?

  1. Any other Indians or desi's on tPF?

    Anyways, what makeup lines do you find good for your skin?

    For everything but foundation I use NARS and mac

    for foundation I use estee lauder...

    any other makeup lines that blend in well w/your skin tones? (I hate it when magazines will give makeup advice for fair, medium and dark...hello? what about all of use that are in between?)
  2. I'm Indian too and I find that MAC makes the best shade for my skintone. I'm an NC35 and on a good day you can't tell that I'm wearing makeup. I find that it's hard to cover my undereye circles because concealer always looks obvious, so I just use MAC's studio fix and a small brush. When I feel like wearing liquid foundation I use MAC's tinited moisturizer in NC40.

    I know a few Indian girls that use African American makeup lines and they say they like the shade selection, but I find that MAC has a shade that matches almost any skintone.
  3. I like MAC too. Seems to go on the best and look the most natural. I have the same problem with those annoying dark circles under my eyes!