india kills 10 million newborn baby girls

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  1. omg, how horrifying!! i can't believe people do this...
  2. That just made me really sick to my stomach
  3. I was going to post this. I'm glad someone did, as I think women around the world have to be aware of these things happening.

    The problem of giving girls a dowry leads many parents to commit such crimes as sometimes the demands for dowry are exorbitant.
  4. Horrible. Those parents are monsters.
  5. It is sick. China does the same thing.

    And so does America...millions of fetuses have been aborted (and no, I do not think all abortions are the same) in the last 25+ years for reasons of convenience and lifestyle choice. Not much difference than the reason they do it in India and China...convenience and lifestyle.

    Although in China after you have one you pretty much are forced to get an abortion if you ever get pregnant again. :sad:
  6. I personally dont think you can compare a women having a legal abortion in the first trimester to parents pouring sand in the nostrils of their newborn baby taking its first breath, thus suffocating and killing them. :shrugs:
  7. Sickening! I have tears in my eyes reading this!
  8. I agree Selena.

    This is really sad.
  9. That is so disgusting. Did you know in China they're facing problems because men are starting to outnumber women? I wonder why that might be...
  10. This is absolutely disgusting. I don't believe in the termination of pregnancies based on the baby's sex - but...yeah. What can you do?? Nothing.

    I would give anything to have a little girl, but I would also be happy with a boy. All children are a blessing, no matter if they are wanted or not or the "correct" sex....
  11. Ugh that is is amazing the barbaric way that some countries control their population... a bit OT, but I know that China just killed like 5 million dogs by clubbing them...all of it just makes me SICK.
  12. Sorry...I guess I wasn't clear. I'm in NO way comparing legal abortions to THAT. However, the article did state that the reason many abortions are occuring in India (as in China) is because they find out the sex and abort the baby. It's not much different from people legally deciding to abort a baby for whatever reason. Just because something is legal doesn't mean it is right.

    And no...not every abortion is wrong...I just think too many occur out of "ease" and "convenience" rather than actual need (like my friend who had one because the baby literally had NO brain!).
  13. Actually, this has not been confirmed. In most cases, if you happen to have a second child, you're assessed a fine.

    There are also circumstances that allow you to have more than one child:
    -If you are ethnically one of the many minority groups in China (There are officially 55)
    -If both parents have Master's degrees or above
    -To alleviate the one-two-four problem in some cases
  14. Why do they keep having sex if they don´t use contraceptives and kill innocent baby girls!!???? Something like this shouldn´t be happening in 2006.