INDI custom jeans -- still around?

  1. Hi, all,
    This is my first post to this forum! Anyway, I just got some INDI custom jeans, and overall I am really impressed with the quality and fit, but I need to get some adjustments. The thing is, their web site has been down for several days now, and when I tried to call the 800 number, it said it was not in service. I can't find any news about them going out of business, so I am wondering what is going on. Has anyone heard anything?

  2. I wish I knew I'm in exactly the same position as you. Just got jeans, they don't fit, can't wear them, and no way to send them back for "free" adjustment. Not sure what to do next. Found another person on "YELP" site in same boat as us.

    Would REALLY like to know what's going on.
  3. Well, I just did something kind of crazy. I looked up the address of the building and called one of the occupants and asked if they knew of INDI and if they are still there. He was very nice and said they are still around. So, maybe they are having some major issues with their web site and phone? I just hope they last long enough so I can get my adjustments!
  4. Here's another crazy thing -- after reading your initial post and responding -- I got an email from Indi (probably automated) asking for feedback. Of course, none of the links in the email worked and there was no new phone number. I *really* do want a pair of jeans that fit. Glad to at least hear that they are still in the building. Just wish I could get in touch with someone who could help us.
  5. Now, I sent snail mail. Let's see if that brings any response.
  6. In the same boat here. I have only about a couple weeks left to send back my jeans for adjustment, but I haven't been able to contact them. Love to hear if anyone is able to get in touch with them!
  7. Well, I also tried sending snail mail yesterday, and I also emailed Groupon since I'd used a Groupon to get my jeans at Indi. Groupon just emailed me back and said Indi has closed!
  8. Good grief! They should have posted something - or contacted people who'd ordered within the last month - to let them know they had a limited amount of time and then guaranteed alterations for those last few people!!!
  9. Hi, all,

    Last week I received this in e-mail:
    Dear Customer:
    Custom Enablers, a/k/a INDi Custom, f/k/a Archetype Solutions, Inc. ("Custom Enablers" or "Company") has undertaken an assignment for the benefit of creditors ("Assignment") as of June 15, 2012 and appointed an Assignee.
    "Proof of Claim" notices are a required formality of an assignment process

    Under California law, the Assignee is required to send a notice regarding the Assignment, along with a "Proof of Claim." These are here for your review and possible response:

    This notice is a required formality within 30 days of the start of an Assignment in California to determine monies owed by the Company. The Assignee is required to provide a mechanism for any party who may potentially have a claim against the Company to file their claim. That mechanism is a "Proof of Claim".

    Why you were sent a Proof of Claim

    A Proof of Claim is being sent to all parties who have interacted with Custom Enablers during the last year to ensure that if they believe they have a claim, it is accounted for. So if you have paid for any services that you have not received, and so may be due a refund, you are entitled to submit a Proof of Claim. It is not confirmation that you necessarily have a claim.

    Proof of Claim’s are exactly what they sound like. If you believe the Company owed you money prior to June 15, 2012 (Assignment date) and has not paid you, you’ll need to fill out the form and return it according to the instructions, before December 12, 2012. The language on the Claim Form is formal and legalistic, but it is a necessary part of the process as we work to resolve the situation.

    It is all in legalese, but I think the gist of it is INDI has gone under! I am assuming we can fill out the claim forms and submit them to get refunded. I haven't completed the form yet, so I am not sure what it entails. Like I said, there is legalese!

    Good luck, all. I am sad that they went under just as we were trying to get our jeans perfected! Oh, well, what can you do.

  10. Hi all,

    Could you guys finally make contact w INDI? I've tryed their number but didn't work. It was CA based but my pair was made in Mexico. Don't you know who ran
    and why they had to shut the business??
  11. This is so crazy! I loved my jeans from them so much!
  12. aprilgolightly

    What did you like the most?
    Mine was waaay too high rise...

    so i decided create mine:yahoo: