Index finger ring

  1. I'm looking for a simple and elegant index finger ring. I want something more than just a band. I was thinking a diamond eternity band. What do you think? Are there any other suggestions?

  2. I tried that once, it didn't quite work on me. It's probably just my fingers though. LOL.
    Let me take a look around
  3. Why didn't you like it on your fingers??
  4. I don't normally wear a ring on my index finger so it felt a tad weird. I think for index, you'd want to go chunky.
  5. Pomellato has this ring called Iceberg I am drooling over!
  6. I wear a diamond eternity band on my index finger. I like it! (The bling down the sides and underneath are displayed instead of hidden like they would be on a ring or middle finger.)

  7. It looks great on you, Raspberry!!
  8. before I even opened this thread, just based on the title I though "diamond anniversary!!!"
  9. Hahahaha!! You never miss a trick for new diamonds!! Love it!!!:tup:
  10. nevah!!!:nogood:
  11. Hahaha!! If you've run out of places to wear diamonds check out the Victorias Secret thread!!!! I think your DH could be persuaded!!! LOL!!:tup::roflmfao:
  12. Sorry to bring up an old thread. Thought it would be better than starting a new one as it is related to this topic...

    I'm looking for a new ring and want to get a Titanium one...but not sure which one to get. (I'm leaning towards wearing it on my index finger. I work with computers a lot and figure it will not get in the way as much as a pinky ring would.)

    Here are the ones I'm looking at...(I don't work for these people or have any interest in them other than as a customer...I just really like their rings and can't decide which one I like best...)

    I know that's a lot of rings to look at, but if you're keen to have a look at them, please let me know which ones you think would look best on a lady's index finger. I work with my hands a lot, so they're not very glamorous-looking if that makes a difference...

    Thanks for any advice!

    (resident computer geek)