independent retailers and real v. fake

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  1. how does one know if a retailer is carrying real or fake? it's not as if they're standing out on the streets of manhattan outside the conde nast building. a friend just went into an independent store ("boutique italy" at the great mall in the bay area, i think) and she said that he was selling a fake stella for $650. how does one know if it's real or not? i suggested that she can contact marc jacobs headquarters to see if they sold it to this store, but there's also the problem that they might be doing the business as DBA... any thoughts??
  2. Usually I check out the bag to see the quality and authenticity of the bag regardless of location, because even legit places can end up with fakes. But for those who don't know how to check, I would suggest researching the boutique online first; tpf is an excellent resource. Most of the girls here know all the legit locations. I'd also research some basic knowledge on how to authenticate a bag that I'm interested in... It helps in the long run! I've learned a lot about Gucci, bbags, Chanel, and Diors, and hopefully now I'll never end up with a fake in those brands. It'll help too when it comes to shopping at consignment stores.

    I'm not sure if MJ can verify a legit retailer... her best bet is to research authenticity tips.