Indecisive...Which to get for Christmas

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  1. Ok girls...I am so confused on which I want. I need help. I already got what i wanted for Christmas (my coach bags and etc.) but I just received my PCE and can't figure out what else I might want and hubby doesn't want me to waste my PCE card and said to get something with it. I'm done buying coach bags, keyfobs, and charms. I have a bunch of them already. Now I'm debating which to choose. The Sash Signature Belt or Signature Cut Out Cuff. They are so cute. It would be either some accessory such as belts, scarves, or ofcourse jewelry. Any more suggestions on something I should get? What do you think about the two choices? Does anyone here have the sash belt? There are no local stores that have it in stock. I wanted to try it on. How long is the size small sash belt? The website or the SA's don't have any clue. Any help is greatly appreciated! Feel free to post your suggestions of what I should get also.
    90050SashSigBelt198.jpg 94117SigCutoutCuff198.jpg
  2. shoes shoes!!:jammin: the cuff is cute too:graucho:
  3. I think the belt is really cute on the model in the catalogue :yes: so that's my vote! :tup:
  4. the cuff it's TDF
  5. Signature Cut Out Cuff!
  6. another vote for the cuff!!!
  7. Yay, I'm glad you guys like the cuff because I was about to just forget about it but since you guys are lovin' it I'm getting it. So what else should I get? I'm taking advantage of this PCE and my husband telling me to get whatever I want, hehe.
  8. The Cuff and make some coach shoes?
  9. I am loving the jewelry. Unfortunatly I can't fit into the bracelets as my hands are too large. I like that cuff you pictured, maybe pair that along with some scarves. BTW, how sweet is your DH for not wanting to see the PCE card wasted.
  10. Shasha17a, I'm the total opposite! My wrists are too skinny and most of the bracelets are too big for me. It looks silly on me and if I wear it it'll be annoying. The cuff is a perfect size for my wrists. I tried that on already and like it.
  11. Thanks for the info. I've been drooling over the cuff, but I wasn't sure it would fit. I have really skinny wrists (the only skinny part I have!) and I can't wear the bangles.
  12. I vote for the cuff :tup:
  13. pat222, yes the cuff is perfect for our skinny wrists. You should get it too! It's lovely in person. But the color is not as bright as the website pic. Coach always makes their website pics brighter than it is in person. But it's still pretty though.
  14. The cuff is really cute! If I wore bracelets, I'd want that for myself too.
  15. the cuff!