Indecisive, please help me choose

  1. I have this bag in beige and I love that it is completely indestructible, no transfer, no scratches.


    but I love Guccissima leather and have been wanting a Guccissima leather bag for ageeeess.


    Which do you prefer, any other suggestions, are these too manbag like??
  2. I really like the first one for that style bag and if you were to get a purse, the Guccissima would be the one to get. Splurge and buy a messenger and a purse! :tup: And no, they are not at all manbag like!
  3. the first one is the nicer of the two! Not manlike- practical and cute! x
  4. though I love guccissima leather...I think the first one is cuter!
  5. I usually say leather an perhaps in real life it would look and be better but from the picture the first one looks cuter. Guccissima leather is great though, have you thought about maybe getting that in some other bag? Have you seen these in real life? I know that would help me make my decision.
  6. I have seen both IRL, well I haven't seen the black colour in the first one but I love the bag I have which is the same. The black leather, although smaller than a manbag just looked a bit masculine.

    Always enabling !!:biggrin:

    Think I might get the first one and wait til I find my perfect Guccissima bag. Really want one in wine/burgundy, though don't think i've seen one since the 85th collection, or maybe Chocolate...
  7. The second one did look a bit masculine to me but I didn't want to say that because I personally don't care for my own self or others whether they buy bags for the opposite sex. I think you should get what you love, it doesn't matter what people think etc. I'm a total enabler and if it were me and I have lots of money (and had wings and could fly..while we're at it) I would get the first one and a guccissima purse of my choice. IF the second one works for you then go for it! I don't see any reason why not.:smile:
  8. i think the first one is more practical. since messenger bags are practically thrown around, you need something that is easy to maintain. the guccisima leather is really nice and soft however, it is easier to have scratches. i think i'll go with kneehighz that you get the 1st one and reserve guccisima for a different purse.:p