Indecisive! OPINIONS needed....

  1. Okay gals....these are the 2 pirata portas I got for $31 each at the Macy's shindig.... I have to decide which one to give away as a gift.... Which Placement do you prefer? Both are similar but A has the octa-pair on the bottom and the blue mermaid...but i like the symmetry of B.... the fronts are almost the same to me...

    A (left) vs B (right) me decide :smile: :confused1:




  2. If you like the mermaid and octa-pair a lot, go with A. But I prefer the symmetry of B more, so I would go with B. Plus the Pirate girl on the front of B isn't as covered as A.
    Good luck with your decision tho cuz both portas are great!
  4. That's a tough one because I loooooove the mermaid... but the placement on the girl looks a lot better on the other one. Man, I really don't know!! I say either one you go with is a good choice, especially for that price!!
  5. oo it would be no contest for me i :heart: the octie (though their on the bottom an i suppose its rely the back that matters)

    the placement on B looks rely good the print is center enough were nothings really cut off (very nice placement of... pirate girl?) but that would also make it a rely nice gift :balloon:

    rely it all comes down to which you like better, if A has the dudes you want on it id say go with that :flowers: JMO
  6. B! I like the gold coins =P and the girl is also placed better!
  7. I like B more because the girl is more centered and so for me it's better placed ... but if you like the other characters ... mermaid and octopus couple ... then go for A.
  8. I like B better!! :tup:
  9. I like B a lot better, too :biggrin: It just looks really good on the porta, the way her head isn't chopped off or anything :p And you get those cute gems right on the front! :yes:
  10. B!
  11. B has a better placement of the girl, but the octopus on A really wins my heart.
  12. A
    I love the mermaid and green haired girl and could care less about the girl
  13. B for me
  14. i like A better...Mermaid, Pirata Ship, Octopus Couple!

    but if you prefer the pirata girl, then i would go B.
  15. A. i like the mermaid and the octa-pair. that's such a nice gift. i am sure which ever one you decide, the person will enjoy it either way.