Indecisive Me Again

  1. Ok, so now I can't decide between another Mandy in black or use my saved pennies for Lily. I have the Mandy in natural but always wanted her in black and there are some great deals on eBay. But now I'm also starting to like Lily just as much even though she's an arm and leg. Which would you choose and why?
  2. I'd get the Mandy, as well. I think the Lily is beautiful but I also think it's too expensive. Plus, you already know that the Mandy style works for you.
  3. Mandy all the way. Much more functional.
  4. Mandy all the way!
  5. I own a black Mandy which I got for a Steal on eBay.
    I love her so. She has become one of my favorite bags and I really cannot see myself ever parting with her. Just buy a Black Mandy as it is a more functional bag which you will get plenty of use out of.
  6. The Mandy is a beautiful bag! I hear that the Lily is very heavy b/c of all of the hardware!
  7. :yes: Mandy! :yes: