Indecisive - I need advice

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  1. Hi All:

    I have a bag dilemma. Its really quite simple. I have been coveting the marc by marc jacobs teri turnlock, but then i saw a gustto at Nordstrom that was very nice. Here are my problems. #1 money. Yes i shouldnt be spending this kinda cash on a bag right now. (But that doesnt mean i wont!!) #2 Colour. The gustto bag is black. I really wanted to get away from "black" bags - i already of 2 that are in need of using. I wanted a different colour. So the gustto was on sale and it was cheaper (not by much) than the marc by marc jacobs. But it was black. So now i see that the teri turnlock is on sale, in colours. If i go with the teri turnlock it is cheaper than the gustto now (by $80) and i have not even mentioned tax or shipping for the teri turnlock (it is online) the gustto was in person..... i just dont know what to do. I need a bag with more than 1 compartment, and the marc jacobs has 3 - 1 that zips, the gustto has 2 that zip. HELP!!!! I cant decide.

  2. Well, I think that you have really made your decision already! :smile: You want more compartments, MJ has it, you want a different color, MJ has it. The only deterrant is price, but it's there for both bags, so I say the Teri Turnlock! Which color are you looking at? I've seen a bunch in Bloomies and the Firebird and Mustard colors are just lovely! Good luck!
  3. go for the MJ, it sounds like you are leaning toward that....
  4. Get the MJ. Purchase from an online retailer with a coupon to save at least 20% - look up coupons on the deals/steals board or through google. You can even wait awhile to catch one on sale - MJ get marked down quite a bit.
  5. Get a colourful MJ
  6. Thanks - i keep thinking that's what i am leaning towards, (the MJ) but then i think - wow that gustto bag was really nice...i should just get both (i wish). Does anyone have a marc by marc jacobs? Are they nice? I was gonna go for the green or mustard colour.
  7. The leather on those M by MJ bags are very nice, soft and smooth. Which Gustto were you looking at?
  8. ok - this is the weird thing w the gustto - i cant find it online anywhere (you know that's the first thing i did when i got home that day) - this is what it has - it has an outside zip pocket and 2 separate compartments (both zip) - slouchy, black. Probably last season???

    No clue - no idea the name of this bag....anyone have a clue?
  9. Get the MJ...I love the green color too.