Indecisive- help!

  1. But thank you everyone for the input!!! :smile:)

  2. Hi nova_girl, which hardware was the Parme in? I know there's one in London which is in GSH.... but I think RGGH looks better with Parme :smile: Not sure if Neimans deliver overseas though
  3. I am having difficulty deciding between the magental 2005 day and the rouge vip day so i feel your pain! I just can't decide .....
  4. Hello :smile:. I believe it was regular hardware because I remember being happy to see my exact bag there. I'm not sure about the overseas delivery but perhaps you could call and speak to an SA?
  5. Well it is kinda greenish as you say but that's what makes the color so special. A pure grey color would be Gris Tarmac. Parme is either loved or hated by many tPFers. It was a hard decision I had to make a few months ago.
  6. Is black with GGH a rare combo? I thought black's a classic color.
  7. I know right! I've gone thru the threads abt Parme and it's either they really love it... Or really hate it (raw poultry)... Haha.., and I like it under certain lightings only. Sigh
  8. I got Anthracite SGH as my first bal and am still thankful I chose that color cos it's just so versatile and easy to maintain. You mentioned your wardrobe includes denims, hence I'll advise Anthracite for you cos as much as Parme will be a more interesting color, color transfer is very very likely. I've seen gris termac in real life and it's gorgeous with the G12RGGH but a pity it's the mini studs, am a big fan of the G21 studs. Hope that helps!
  9. Anthracite with RGGH is a gorgeous gorgeous combo. btw...All the 2011 bags I have seen in this combo do not have the greenish tint like a lot of the 2010 bags do.

    I've not seen Gris Tarmac IRL but love the pics I've seen of the RGGH 12 combo. I've been tempting by this combo many times :p. It's such a pretty dark grey and I like it with the smaller hardware.

    I'm one of those that was not fond of Parme in the past. I don't think I gave it a very fair chance though. When I saw it I was looking for a light pink bag (something more like Bois de Rose and was disappointed that Parme was not more Pink)'s definitely more of a neutral color. If you are looking something neutral with a small touch of pink/lilac then Parme may work for you.
    Good Luck with your choice!
  10. Hi Magjes! Yes I remember you didn't like Parme :biggrin: but I understand why since you're comparing it to a true pink/ pinkish shade. I fell in love with Gris Tarmac w RGGH 12 after I saw it IRL! You gotta go and and look at it yourself, I didn't expect myself to like the smaller studs at first but it's a great combo IMO. Right now the only G21 I can track down is Anthracite with Gold hardware, I know it looks great with RG but there's none out there. The thing is I'm not sure how Gold would look against Anthra. Anyway thanks for the input ;)
  11. Hi mstanya! G21 all the wayyyyyyy yea? I reckon Gris Tarmac with G21 would be gorgeous too.... but too bad. Thanks for the input, I kinda forgot about the color transfer part :biggrin:
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  13. I've seen Parme in person and to me it's closest to "flesh" colored - so has hues of tan/brown, yellow, and pink, depending on the light. In some lights my Parme looks like the color of Putty (which is definitely pinkish), and in others it's tan/brown. If you're anti-pink, I would agree with Yoyotomatoe to strike it from the list. My vote would be anthracite, which agreeably is an awesome neutral and similar to the chameleon-qualities of Canard, in that it can look grayish, blackish, bluish or greenish depending on the light. Hope you get something you LOVE!!