INDECISIVE - Am I strange and wrong....?

  1. Hi, ladies....I just have a question.

    When I buy a designer handbag that's over a $1000, especially B-Bags, I usually go bag to the mall at least twice to exchange or take a look at the other ones to make sure.

    Thanks to God that I have a really good SA at NM, who's always honest and patient with me, that she never makes a face and keeps her smile and tries her best to help me out and I usually feel sorry for being so indecisive.:sweatdrop:

    What are you ladies like? Am I not normal? Shoul I be more considerate before I go and just splurge? (I never returned anything though, only exchange)

    There was one time that I just kept a bag that I wasn't 100% happy with 'cause I exchanged it 3 times and felt bad that I felt like I had to keep it.

    Do the SA get commisions?

    -From Ms. Indecisive.:sweatdrop:
  2. They do get commisions, my dear friend is a personal shopper and her enitire income is based on what her customers buy. When you put out that much money, you have to love it. However if you feel that you are a serial returner, spend more time thinking about your purchase so that you don't cause yourself so much anxiety.
  3. I am the Queen of Indecision!!!

    I am very conscienstious about the SAs time v commissions though.
  4. serial returner LOL

    I don't have a store even remotely close to me so I do the eBay thing. same thing though. I would have SUCH a hard time facing the sales person.
  5. Hmmmmm...

    Of course you shouldnt be stuck with a bag you dont love, but perhaps put the bag on hold, think about it overnight before you actually buy it.

    That way, you get to think it over without fearing the bag will be sold, and you are not stuck with a bag you dont want, or one you keep returning...
  6. I agree that it is almost overwhelming to walk into the handbag dept at NM. Too many options! :nuts: Almost easier just to pick your bag from the pics BalNY sends you. No bbag overload that way!
  9. If you aren't normal than I am sooooooooooooooo not normal!! I have exchanged 4 bags in the last 3 weeks, yes 4 exchanges..same story here, they go so fast so if you see it you had better get it. I go home try it on and if I don't love it then I exchange it for something else and I too worry about the SA's, but mine is soooooooooo patient w/ me so I don't think she minds because she knows I am forking over $1000's of dollars (I bought a new flat messenger, money and am waitlisted for a part time and another money in blue glacier) so I don't think she minds but I feel so rushed in the store and don't like everyone looking at me as I try on bags and look closely at them for any flaws!! Hey, if these bags were $100 I wouldn't be doing it..don't feel bad!!
  10. Dont fret. I am exactly like that too so I have a field day in the US as the exchange and return policy is excellent. In Asia, once any item is bought with a discount(seasonal sale) there is absolutely no exchange or return! Hence its great that we now have this wonderful place to go to for like minded souls to give you their views. Am learning now to hold out for what I want as I always rush and make massive mistakes and am stuck with lemons(I have a cupboard full). Take a deep breath and sleep over it for 3 days before forking out the money. ;)
  11. you're normal!
    just make sure when you exchange that you always use the same SA, or specify that the new purchase will go to the original one who helped you. This way they really shouldn't mind.
  12. Well, I am really bad about this. I decided that I wanted to buy a nice bag (which would be my first) last May. I had a $1,500 gift card from NM so I looked and looked. I never saw anything that I remotely thought was worth that. I finally decided on a MJ Venetia black bag but I couldn't decided between the big one and the small one. I took them both home and went back and forth. I finally took back the big one and kept the small one. Then, I saw the big one and decided I wanted that one instead. And then, (angel chorus here) I saw the B-bags. I didn't go back and forth. I knew that was the one for me. Now, I simply can't decide which B-bag to get. I avoid that SL at NM now because I feel so bad. The NM by me doesn't sell B-bags so I had to get it somewhere else so she ultimately didn't get the commission. But I am so glad I didn't keep that MJ bag.

    While I try to think of the SA and her commission, I am not going to keep a $1k bag that I don't love just so she gets her commission.

    The one thing I have started doing (because I return clothes too) is tell the SA that I am really not sure and I might return it. So at least they know it is possible.
  13. I suspect - by the previous postings - that my opinion will be unpopular.... When I go to the library to pick out a book, I know the book has been in other hands, in other houses. That's the nature of libraries, so I don't care. I don't want to keep the book forever.

    However, when I go buy a handbag, I want to be the only person who has used that bag. I don't want a bag that somebody took home and "tried out." Frankly, I think they should charge a re-stocking fee, and pass on some savings to the next person who buys the same bag, as it is no longer "brand new."
  14. I am not sure how you define 'tried out' but when I say I take it home, I definately do not use it. They stay in the bag in the tissue. I would never buy something and use it and then take it back. It makes me mad when I see someone selling a bag on eBay as NWT and then you read the description and they say they have only used it a few times. But maybe you consider what I do just as bad.
  15. I reckon you should always be happy with what you buy - if you're not happy then totally do something about it! My rule - always love the bag you're carrying! :biggrin: