Indecision is turning me into a lunatic!

  1. Hey everyone! Have you ever found yourself trying to make a decision between 2 Chanels and realize that you are driving yourself mad? I can not decide between the luxe flap and a medium flap. I fear that the luxe flap will "time out" whereas the medium flap will retain it's classic look for years to come.

    Which should I pick??:confused1:
  2. medium flap
  3. Another vote for medium flap.
  4. I'm a big fan of the medium flap as well. ITA about the insanity before the decision. It takes me forever to decide, but once I do, I'm happy. Good luck with your decision. :smile:
  5. medium flap and PLEEAASSE get it before the price increase. It's going up by almost $400.
  6. I'm really bad at bag decisions, that's why I always post for all my Chanel buddies to help me and they never fail! This one though for me would be a definite 100% classic flap!
  7. medium flap, it'll never go out of style!

  8. ^^ ITA!!!
  9. It's nice to know the Chanel gals are so helpful! Thanks everyone!!
  10. the price went up today at Nordstrom's--neiman's/Saks aren't affected yet, so buy it asap!!!!
  11. gosh love them both! but the classic flap is timeless
  12. I guess I'm one of the few people who still loves their luxe flap. The best color is metallic black. Otherwise, I'd go with the classic flap.
  13. medium flap and get it soon!
  14. medium flap-and call Saks or NM immed to avoid price increase!!!
  15. medium flap