Indecent Proposal -- backpack

  1. Does anyone know what the backpack is that Demi Moore's character in Indecent Proposal uses? Or have you seen anything similar? A friend of mine is looking... as are a lot of other women, based on my 'net search results!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I've heard about that backpack and haven't even seen it. But I sure am curious about it.
    Do you know where I gan get a glimpse of THE backpack?:yes:
  3. OH OH I thought this would be a racy sexy adventurous thread !
    ...Once upon a time during a monthlong kayaking/camping trip to the remote edge of the wilderness, after battling bears and mosquitos, class 5 rapids, blazing heat and blistered feet....

    .... suddenly thru the fog, the damp forest silencing his footsteps.... favorite backpack saved me more than once, this was no exception.

    How could I ever have survived without it ?

    Quick ! somebody find it !