Inculsion Bracelet question

  1. I am thinking about purchasing one. What is your opinion? How much do you like them? Cant decide between bracelet and a bag charm?
    If a bracelet what color is the best? I was thinking of tranasparent just because it can go with anything. Please help and give me your thought or opinions

    thanks you
  2. To me, the transparent one is the one I like the least. It's weird, it just seems to magnify your arm hairs and pores, etc.
    I'd go with maybe the framboise or the pomme instead.
    But if you're really worried about it going with things, you should get a white Speedy keyring! I love the look of those on bags, they're adorable!

    I personally have the older yellow PM and I wish it were thinner and smaller. I've nearly lost it before so I'm kind of afraid to wear it now.
  3. Just think of it as colored gem stones or jade jewelry. Goes well with any outfit.
  4. I like the Framboise :biggrin:
  5. good point! lol :roflmfao:
  6. Lol I noticed it when I tried it on..the ring does the same thing. It's really weird..I wish they would have made it with the white background like they did with the keyring, barrette, hair cubes and cell charm. I wonder why they decided to make the ring and bracelet clear.
  7. Weeee, ello. LOL! I love Inclusions. I say the braclet definately. I say go for either Transparent or Pomme! Both are so gorgeous,....the Pomme brightens you and dresses you up no matter what, yet the Transparent does go with everything and gives such a subtle classy charm! Go with what you feel you will use and love the most, Good luck! :heart:

    (oh and personally..I have fallen in love with the Transparent more! =p)
  8. The framboise is super cute. I saw a lady with a very dark skin today with the clear one and it was fab! if you have a light skin I would recommend the famboise.
  9. Definitely get the bracelet, it's so girly and cute :love: .
    In terms of colour available right now, framboise is the best, followed by Pomme
  10. I am completely addicted to the inclusion bracelets and rings now. I think they are all fabulous. The transparent is the most versatile.:smile: They are really gorgeous pieces!
  11. I really love my transparent one most. The framboise is very sweet but the transparent is so versatile.
  12. thanks everyone! I am leaning towards the pink. However I have a very small wrist, do you think it will be too big and fall off?
  13. I'd try one on in the store if possible. I think it comes in a couple of sizes...I know for sure that the Pomme does, not sure about the Framboise.
  14. I keep getting mixed messages. Does the Pomme come in a small and medium size? I know there is a thick and thin one, but the standard thinner bracelet seems too big. most SA tell me they only come in one standard size, but a thick and thin only. Please help
  15. OO! I like the beige!