Incredibly mad with SA at Saks Fifth

  1. I was excited and talking about my Grande Shopping which I thought was the Fedex box awaiting for me when I got home, but turns out to be my Eluxury purchase. Anyway, so I had the SA in NY to guarantee that I would get it by Monday latest as I wanted to expedite shipping.

    Again, I don't shop in NY, but she was extremely helpful whilst I was THERE at the store, covering my sale, when everyone else is way too snooty to serve a person wearing shorts and rainbow sandals.

    Anyway, so I called Saks up to speak to that SA, and her reply," I sent it over to shipping and they are responsible for the shipment. Once it leaves my hands, I have no control of the item." DUh!:hysteric:

    First of all, they ALL work for Saks Fifth. Someone better give me an answer and I paid over 1600 of moolah!! So I went to Saks Fifth here in SF and the lady at the Men's Dept (as they don't carry Chanel here), that she tried to help me. She called the Shipping Department and also received rude service. She was surprised that the Chanel lady didn't research the matter, let alone CALL me back.

    When Saks Fifth checked their system, they realized that they had the WRONG zipcode and wrong city. HOW is that possible when on my receipt the info was accurate? The SA must have typed some other address? But then it wouldn't print accurate info on the receipt no?

    Anyway, I am mad cause I don't get to hold or show my baby this weekend whilst I am in L.A!!!!
  2. That's really unfortunate and I can relate having been there. Call your s/a and demand the shipping charge be refunded since the bag did not ship out in a timely manner due to incorrect information. If she gives you the "I have no control speech", hang up, call back and ask to speak to either the manager of handbags or the customer service department. C/S has always been extremely helpful at the major department stores, especially when you use their store card. They don't want to lose your business in the future.
  3. It it were me I would have said, 'well if it's out of your hands when it goes to shipping then I guess you'll be losing your sale because I can find that bag at another store with an SA that is much for helpful to me.' Trust, I take no BS from any SA. I don't care if I'm spending a dollar or 1600 dollars, treat me like I'm a star.
  4. I would be very upset, too! She should have taken your number and called shipping to check on the status of your order especially since it might have been lost in the mail. At least, if it wasn't delivered perhaps they could have returned it back to Saks to be resent with the correct address. At the very least, she could have transferred you to the shipping department to check on it. But she really should have called them herself. Doesn't she realize that she may have lost a customer in the future? :confused1:
  5. It amazes me how terrible customer service has gotten these days. It's such a shame. It feels especially unacceptable when you spend so much money for something and get treated like you spent $5. I'm sorry and I hope you get resolution to this issue. I would definitely speak with customer service about what happened.
  6. This would make me angry as well. I'm expecting two bags from Chanel tomorrow. I was promised they were shipped in time, but I'm not holding my breath.:sad:
  7. Complain to the manager. Get an apology or some kind of resolution that will make you happy.
  8. i can totally relate to this as I had 2 lost packages from NM in the past...thank God I ended up was able to received my refund. In my case my SAs were alright, esp. the people from shorthill NM was nice and helpful, but I got very rude and poor service from someone from the Vegas NM Lost Prevention Dept. I hope it all turns out ok for you too!
  9. Sorry to hear that.

    I haven't had any problem(s) with my S5A SA as of yet. Let's hope I won't get any.:s
  10. That really sucks - I'm amazed how bad the service is sometimes, esp. on these high ticket items! I would also ask for a refund on shipping since you paid for express and didn't get it... how crappy!
  11. Do u also mean that in the event that don't receive yr packages..they have the right not to refund u. I dunno how the shipment system works in US..pretty puzzling??

    I had the same service last june when I was trying to track a million packages! What I would do is call Saks NYC and ask to be connected to the shipping dpt. I'm going to tell you now, it's going to be a bit of a challenge because the shipping dpt. is difficult to reach as well. They're open certain times of the day, there's a chance you get the voicemail, and when you finally get a rep. you're not guaranteed to get an answer but they CAN track your package.

    Eeeks, I hope you get your bag soon!! I was expecting pictures ;)
  13. Just remember that your SA gets commission for the sale, so if you're not happy, get it from an SA that deserves your sale.

    The NYC Saks SAs are RUDE! I can't stand calling them, they're so abrupt on the phone and always hang up before I finish. RUDE RUDE RUDE!

    Make sure they refund you the shipping charges, that's the least you deserve for your troubles. Worst case scenario, mention the rude SAs name to the manager.
  14. Well, what happened was I purchased 2 chanel bags from 2 different NMs, and they were both lost. Fedex showed that they have been left at my front door but I saw nothing at my door when I got home from work. Then NM has to investigate and contact Fedex to make sure that I wasn't lying about my missing packages. I believe if the packages are really lost then eventually they do send you another bag or refund you the money if you prefer refund. But I found that employees from different departments have different ideas of how the situation should be handled by whom. I felt like I was a soccer ball being kicked among different departments. And sometime you get very rude response too in the process, like that stupid jerk from Vegas NM Lost Prevention Dept. insisted that once the package left NM the issue is between me and Fedex and NM has nothing to do with it, that I had to file a claim with Fedex myself. Well, as it turned out, NM is supposed to file a claim and the customer doesn't even need to wait for the result of the claim, whether Fedex approve or deny the claim - NM should either send you another bag or refund you the money right away once they finish the investigation and know that you are not lying about missing packages.

    After that incident and how much trouble and stress I have been thru, I told myself I will never ever place a phone order, I would rather go to my local Saks or chanel boutique and have my SA order and ship to my local store for me to pick up!
  15. i hope things workout positievly with u :flowers:

    i had a lost package from feb06-late April06 ..