Incredible Macy's Deal


Dec 28, 2010
My mom and I were shopping in Macy's today and I said, "I want to go look at the Coach counter." Not intending to buy anything, just look. I always stop by to drool at the bags.

Mom immediately saw one that was calling her name. It just so happens they are running 25% off on Coach AND are giving another 20% off if you have a coupon (we did) and use your Macy's card. I have never seen them let you use the additional 20% off coupon on Coach.

Obviously, this makes us very excited. Then I say, "what if I open a Macy's credit card account?" Well, then I get ANOTHER 20% off. Couldn't say no to that!

Mom and I both got bags for ourselves, and there was a purple legacy leather duffle on clearance that I picked up for my sister for Christmas. Total bill after discounts came to just over $500!

Anyone want to guess which bags mom and I got?