INCREDIBLE Lush Cosmetics Offer for Newbies!! HURRY!!

  1. I got this from another forum I'm on. It's valid for NEW customers only (but read below for existing customers). Valid in US and Canada (I don't know about other places)

    Spend at least $30, and receive:
    Big Blue Bath Bomb
    Seanick Shampoo
    Shampoo Tin

    Spend at least $50, and receive:
    Honey I washed the Kids Soap
    Dream on Bath Bomb
    Marathon Bubble Bar

    Spend at least $75, and receive:
    Dream Cream 100g
    Olive Branch Shower Gel

    Just enter Promo Code: NEWRFD at checkout when you shop on and the free products will be added to your cart.

    For existing Lushies there are still some deals:
    Place any order totaling at least $65, and any of the following items in your cart will be “supersized”! Depending on the product, you’ll get either a larger size, or additional item(s) at no extra cost!.

    Buy a Helping Hands - get a free Dream on Bath bomb
    Buy a Dream Cream - get a free additional 100g container of Dream Cream
    Buy an Ocean Salt - get a free Lemony Flutter
    Buy Ambrosia, Price, or Razorantium - get a free Wiccy Magic Muscles
    Buy Cynthia Sylvia Stout, I love Juicy or Daddy) - get free American Cream
    Buy and Overhaul Gift Set - get a FREE additional Hybrid Shampoo, Ice Blue Soap and a full size Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar!

    Just add any of the eligible items above (along with anything else you wish to purchase) into your shopping cart and enter Promo Code: UPSIZERFD at checkout. All qualifying products (maximum one of each per customer) will be upsized or added automatically.
  2. PS: This is what I got. :nuts::yahoo::drool:

    Mask of Magnaminty $9.95
    Running To The Embassy $15.95
    Ocean Salt $17.95
    Sandstone Soap $6.95
    Karma Soap $7.95
    Big Blue $0.00
    Seanick $0.00
    Shampoo Bar Tin $0.00
    Honey I Washed The Kids Soap $0.00
    Marathon Bar $0.00
    Dream On $0.00
    Dream Cream $0.00
    The Olive Branch $0.00
    Oopsie Daisy $0.00 (two!)
  3. mhmm, can't help but notice the macaroons on your avatar. They are soooo yummy! I love Laduree.
  4. omg, i'm drooling and can't WAIT to get started, THANKS :biggrin:
  5. yummy! makes me want to take a bath ASAP!
  6. I just bought the Think Pink gift set. So imagine all the Lush goodies I'm gonna get including the freebies!! :party:
  7. Thanks for posting! I can't wait to start looking at bath stuff. I have been dying to try this stuff after reading about it!
  8. :yahoo:is there a link? thanks!
  9. ;)
  10. For anyone who hasn't used their products, they are AMAZING!. . .I am a huge bubble bath person, having tried everything imaginable, their bath bars are the best/ to die for. Expensive, but worth it, especially w/ all the free goodies!

    And the bubbles last as long as you can in the tub!
  11. ^ To add to that, they indicate WHEN and WHO the product was made and the EXPIRATION date! Something that rarely do cosmetics brands do (although they all should, imo!)


    I got this stuff as a gift once. I did have an allergic reaction to the lemon soap but the other stuff was great.

    Its a good gift idea.
  13. I've never used any LUSH products. Can anyone recommend some items to buy to hit the $30 mark or $50 mark? Thank you
  14. Just go to the gift section (less worries) and pick out a gift worth that much. There are reviews at the bottom of the page so you'll know if the gift you're buying is definitely worth it! :idea:

    I have a long lush list but I tend to go crazy when there are a lot of freebies involve so I end up going astray! :happydance::choochoo:
  15. Oooo cool .............and by the Azia I am in love with Laduree macaroons! I just had a box brought over from london for me hahaha