Incredible cruelty of foie gras...


    Please check out this website. Truly sick. :sad:

    I am SO HAPPY Chicago has banned foie gras although some chefs still defy the law.
  2. Thanks for posting, IntlSet.

    This is a cruel, unnecessary 'delicacy' that has been going on for far too long. I am glad steps are being taken to stop it.
  3. It's truly disgusting what these animals have to go through to end up on a platter in a French restaurant. Kudos to all the people out there who are raising awareness of these type of things.
  4. I am SO pleased my parents won't be eating foie gras anymore! (They gave that up when they gave up veal!)

    And I'm glad they figured it out on their own. (Well, they did know how I felt about it but I didn't want to be one of those people that kept bringing it up.)

    I think it's wonderful for restaurants to say "I don't care HOW much of a delicacy it is; I am NOT serving it here!"
  5. And once again, guess where the biggest offenders are located? :rolleyes: I swear though, we do have huge animal lovers here in Quebec too, it's just that politicians don't seem to care too much about protecting our animals... :cursing:

    &yuck, I hate foie gras, I find it repulsive. I had no idea how cruel the whole process was, wow that's disgusting :cursing:
  6. That is so disgusting. I've never tried it and never will.
  7. Honestly, I didn't even know foie gras was considered a delicacy, as the first times I'd eaten it were in France (before I really knew how it was made)... in France, it can be had at practically any restaurant.

    There are so many good things to eat, why hurt animals for some stupid foie gras that will make you fat anyway? I really commend Wolfgang Puck for being the first celebrity chef to speak out against cruelty to animals. As he said, "Even if a calf will end up veal in my restaurant, there is no reason it shouldn't live a nice life before that."
  8. :wtf::wtf::crybaby::crybaby:WOW!!!! I had NO IDEA...I buy foie gras every few weeks. Its just something we always have in the house. Its a quick thing to put on a plate with crackers or bread and a bottle of wine. Worse....I LOVE IT. Uhm....not so much now. Im not going to be able to eat again. If something has to be force fed with a pipe for my enjoyment...I think not. Thank you for the education. I feel sick...ugh.
  9. Sunshine, what if you just bought meat pate?

    Today, the terms pâté and terrine are often used interchangeably. Pâté is simply a mixture of seasoned ground seafood, poultry, meat or vegetables, and often a combination of several different base ingredients.

    Beef, pork, liver, ham, seafood, wild game, poultry, and vegetables are all candidates for pâté. The grind can be smooth and creamy or on the chunky side. It may be served hot or cold, molded or unmolded.

    Maybe just avoid the ones marked liver pate, as those animals were treated the same way as geese are.
  10. I kinda remember Spain had invented a non-cruel way of raising foie gras. The food competition judges were unable to tell the difference between traditional foie gras and the spanish one... something like that. If I find the article again I'll post it here.

    Ducks, by nature, eat a lot during fall and store all the energy in the liver, so that they can be prepared fly south, and human discovered their fat livers. So I'm sure foie gras can be humane, it's just a matter whether we do it or not.
  11. I agree, like any meat animal, it can be treated humanely, and like any other food animal, there are people that don't treat it humanely. Know your food sources, then determine what you will/will not eat. There are PLENTY of farms out there that sell humanely raised, organic/natural, antibiotic-free, grass fed/properly fed meats. You just have to go beyond a grocery store for doubt you can apply the same concept to foie-gras.
  12. ^^ Whole Foods is wonderful for that.
  14. I stopped eating foie gras years ago when I learned about this. Thank you so much for bringing this to everyone's attention because I don't think that many people are aware of the disgusting, cruel inhumane treatment of these beautiful innocent animals! I feel so bad for these poor creatures!:crybaby:
  15. i've heard about this before and it's such a tragedy. but things such as this will come forward and be known about, thank goodness! yeah, lets make better choices now people!