Incredible coach deal at Bloomies Atlanta

  1. :tup:
    Hi! Last week 05/17, I stopped in the Bloomingdales at Lenox Mall in Atlanta and snagged a Coach Black Leather Hamptons business tote for $230.00 (swear on a Bible!) and another darling Coach black leather swing bag (don't know the name) for $120.00 The SA said that if I came back this week there was going to be another 20% off. But unfortunatley I live 3 hours away! So go grab one while they last!:yahoo:
  2. oops. just read my answer. haha.
  3. Congrats! What a great deal. Does the Lenox store carry a really big Coach selection i.e. was that those prices were store specific? Or do you think every Bloomies will have the same markdowns?