Increasing shipping after the auction ended.

  1. Hello,

    I recently bid on some perfume that listed the shipping as $7.89 within the US. I bought it through buy it now and paid through paypal immediately after winning. Now the seller has been contacting me asking for $5.00 more to ship the item. If the shipping had been listed as $12+ I wouldve bid on another item that was cheaper! I always pay through paypal because it just takes the shipping cost listed and theres no messing up.

    How do I go about solving this since the seller probably won't send it to me without me sending MORE money for shipping that wasn't listed on the original auction. Should I open a dispute?

  2. I would go to live help at eBay and ask. I have had to eat shipping because I charged to little but would never have asked buyer to pay more
  3. You are only obligated to pay for what was listed. It is against eBay policy for her to charge you more, nor do you have to pay anymore.

    If she doesn't send it just open a claim with paypal...they know you paid.
  4. i would also contact eBay live help. the seller cannot do that. if they will not ship without you paying more i would open a dispute and have them refund you the money and cancel the sale. you'll find the same thing at the price you want, i'm sure. and from a better seller.

    i had the same thing happen this week. i won something on a second chance offer and the buyer added sales tax to the invoice after i won it- and never mentioned the charge tax in the auction. totally illegal. they also claimed the tax for my state as MORE than the tax is. when i complained they lowered the tax percentage but then put the tax on the item AND the shipping and handling so it was MORE than they even said in the first place. i was steaming. after they were totally rude they agreed to let me out of buying it. i reported them to ebay immediately and am waiting to see if they do anything to them.

    you cannot change the terms once you sell something. if she miscalculated her shipping that's her fault, not yours.

    good luck!
  5. you don't have for more for shipping i would report them