Increasing price

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  1. :smile:
    My first post.

    I did a search but couldn't find the answer. Is it true that LV increase their prices every Feb. and August of each year to 20% on all products?

    Very curious to know. I know they had a price increase in August 2008. I'm not sure if they're doing one for Feb. 09.
  2. hi & welcome! i just had a look on the lv website and.... prices has gone up! for example.. speedy 35 was £365 (i believe) and now its £400 !!!!! so yess... looks like they r going up!
  3. ^ the prices seem to increase twice a year but only about 3-5% (at least here in Canada they do)...
  4. Wow, that is almost a 10 percent increase. That seems like a higher increase than usual.

    It really adds up over the years. I bought my Manhattan PM three years ago for $1320 and now it's $1680.
  5. Well the price increase in the UK, is an extra price increasu because of the very weak and unstable pound because most product in the Uk are still about 10% cheaper than in continental europe, but it changes everyday with the exchangerate.
  6. Big increase in UK recently because the british pound is so weak agains the euro now, maybe more to come if this continues!
  7. I would really like to know if this price increase is gonna happen, because then I need to buy the Vernis Rose Pop Cosmetic Pouch soon.
  8. stupid england! can't buy stuff on holiday now, the pound is so pathetic.
  9. Price increase on LV France website as well. I've just checked the price today.