increased Birkin production and disappearing leathers

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  1. It it just me, or does it seem that the disappearance of Box, Barenia, Chamonix, Cheve and unveined Togo has paralled the increase in Birkin production?

    Maybe these leathers are just harder to obtain in quantity.

    Box becoming scarce is so un-Hermes. Makes me sad.
  2. The leathers are harder to obtain at the moment...from the boxcalf production being bad (lots of flaws in hides, and being rejected) to the company that produces barenia changing hands - it all adds up, but just seemed to happen at the same time...that's my understanding, anyway. Chamonix has always been more scarce.

    The good news is, after the poro croc shortage of last year, apparently croc production is UP! So the croc lovers can rejoice!

    Clemence is always going to be easier, as it's a bigger hide, and easier to produce, as is Fjord and VL.

    My understanding, anyway. I LONG for QUALITY boxcalf to come back into production, but I'm not interested in box with "flaws" and veining as I've seen, lately.
  3. GF....what would we do without you.....and gay Ken. :p

    Actually....I'm rather sad about the shortage of Box calf and I cherish the bags I have already in this leather.
  4. why? :confused1: i seem to remember some emphatic stuff along the lines of being done, not needing more bags and not buying any more ever end of story period.

  5. Lmao......
  6. I'm reading this in the nick of time and realizing I better cherish what I have....
  7. Well here is a different perspective....I feel like the shortage of the "old" standby leathers has opened my eyes to leathers I had never before considered. That has caused some really "happy accidents", Fjord, for instance, and of course the ever-beloved chevre which used to be eclipsed for me by Box.

    So, I view it sort of like the stock market: cyclical. Box will come back, as will chamonix et al. In the meantime I feel it's my duty as an Hermes lover to at least sample the newer offerings and give them a fair shake.
  8. That's true. And everyone felt the same way when courcheval and gulliver etc were discontinued, too. I wonder what's being discontinued, and what's just out of production at the moment? I think that boxcalf is just scarce, but will always be available, but I think chevre DC may have been replaced by the new Chevre Mangalore entirely?
  9. I also wonder if the old swift that we know (that has only been around a few years) is being superseded by the new, thicker type?
  10. NOOOOO! I really really hope not though I have heard rumors to support this theory. :sad: I love me some spine.
  11. ^ The new one has spine, I think. It's just more "souple"....I love that word.
  12. Hmm does it? This is Tadelakt? Or another name... Wait no, tadelakt was a veau.

    Damn this wine.
    Never mind, I'll come back to this tomorrow. Heh.
  13. Mangalore, I think?

    Just asked SA...was told CDC "will still be available by Special Order". That's the line I got.
  14. Great thread golconda. I too miss box in larger bags -- guess I will be special ordering some and waiting.
  15. I am all about box and barenia and determined to find it again, someday...