Inconvienet Truth?

  1. Hi ladies!! I realize I haven't posted much in this forum, I'm mainly a onlooker and read lots of threads for purse information. I'm still trying to save up for the big purchase. :smile:

    But I do start this thread today because of the impact the documentary with Al Gore on Global Warming called Inconvinent Truth has left on me. I believe it's shown only in certain cities and not in major movie theaters.

    I saw it early this week and was just SHOCKED. :nuts: <--- And not in a good way!

    The before and after pictures of glaciers just 30 years ago was astonishing. The difference is huge. And not only that, for the first time in history, polar bears are found drowned to death because they are having to swim up to 60 miles to find the nearest ice that hasn't melted yet and will hold their weight. It really made me sad and realize...what have we done?

    Anyway, have any of you guys seen it yet? Comments? Concerns? Or if you haven't yet, I strongly suggest you definitley made me think about things, and I hope it will make other people think too. :yes:
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  3. I'm so glad this documentary had such an impact on you, everyone should see it. As human beings and citizens of this planet we should all be shocked and sadden w/ the effects of global warmning and should take measures to stop/slow down global warming. There are many things that can be done, from fuel effecient cars to voting for candidates that will introduce and implement legislation to help our planet. That's just my opinion, but we all need to start paying attention and doing our part.
  4. I haven't seen it yet, but I work for a state agency that enforces environmental regulations, and I went with a co-worker to an event where he presented a Power Point presentation based on the book. The event was for science teachers in our county, and a lot of them were shocked, as well - so was I! People need to stop turning the other cheek and start paying attention.
  5. I've seen it but I'm a very pessimistic person when it comes to certain things and this is one of it.

    I haven't decided if I wanted to have children or not. The thought of not having any crossed my mind when I think of the future they might have to struggle to survive in. Think of all the natural disasters and resource shortage they will have to face. They will have lots of technological advancements and such but will the raw materials, the basic resources, be there to "fund" it?
  6. My Dh and I want to see it soon.It shows in the theater near our house. They only played in selected theater, I wished t has more publicity . Hmmmm..I think people should see more this kind of shows instead of bunch of useless movies people make this days.
  7. The movie was great...we had a company event to see it when it first came out.

    Along the same lines, "Who Killed the Electric Car?" was also very good. I would recommend both movies.
  8. It's a very informative yet shocking look at global warming.

    As the OP mentioned they showed side by side postcard pic comparisons of the world and bodies of water from a hundred years ago, fifty years ago, to today and the difference was amazing. Where have all the glaciers gone?

    I recall the movie "The Day After Tomorrow" and though it's not likely to happen in the same timeframe as it occured in the film, i can't help but to think that it's not such a fantasy concept after all.
  9. I just heard about this last night on the Greenpeace website... I have no idea if it's playing here, but I'm going to look into it. I'd like to see it.
  10. I think it would be interesting. I'll go look on the Greenpeace site, too.
  11. A & E has a similar 2 hour program regarding global warming hosted by Tom Brokaw.