Inconsistent speedy handles

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  1. Ive had my speedy for about 2 months now and a light patina has started to develop. Both my handles have a very light grey tinge but they each have a different texture. Handle1 is smooth and has a slight shine to it while handle2 is dull and if you look closely, u can see the difference between the grey and honey colour. It sort of looks like a cloud pattern.

    Does this mean one of the handle2 is really dry? It started being like this from the 1st time i used it. Ive used babywipes to clean my handles b4 too. Should i go to the boutique and ask them about it. I just get really paranoid about these things :sweatdrop: lol Thanks in advance!
  2. it could mean that one is dry, but with any natural material, texture will vary a bit. one reason why it may look grey already is dirt....could you take pics of the handles so we can get a better idea?
  3. from what I understand, I think it's because you always hold your speedy the same way?
    i.e. the palm of your hand always touch the dirtier handle, and the other handle only get the tip of your fingers?

    try hold it differently~ (maybe hold the lock part in the front one day, and in the back the next day)

    if not, post a picture~